BlueAnt Q1 Voice Controlled Bluetooth Headset now available


blueant-q1The BlueAnt Q1 Voice Controlled Bluetooth Headset was first launched at CTIA Wireless 2009 earlier this year, although it won’t be made available to the public till Q1 – and nice to know that that day has finally arrived, where we are able to enjoy what is touted to be “the world’s most advanced voice controlled Bluetooth headset.” The BlueAnt Q1 will be available via Sprint’s online stores and telesales channels across the US from this week onwards, where Sprint will have a headstart in terms of sales (theoretically anyways) since they will be able to sell the Q1 exclusively for 30 days followed by additional availability at other national retailers. Hopefully the current bleak economic climate won’t put a damper on sales figures of the Q1.

Some of the more unique features found on the BlueAnt Q1 include a voice control system, where one will enjoy an authentic hands-free experience through the use of “Simply Connect” voice control technology. Customers won’t have to go through the motions of reading up on a thick user manual before getting started – all they need to do is hook up the headset in their ear, listening to the verbal cues and instructions to get the pairing and set up procedures all done in a jiffy. In addition, the BlueAnt Q1 relies on advanced voice recognition software which allows you to speak instructions straight to it. For example, just say, “answer” or “ignore” if you want to pick up or reject a call, respectively. I wonder whether non-native English speakers will have some leeway given to them by the voice recognition software and not be too rigid.

Other features include dual microphones, Voice Isolation Technology, echo cancellation and wind noise protection for the clearest conversations possible. It will retail for $129 a pop, and it would be interesting to see a shootout between this and the Aliph Jawbone PRIME.

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bebe Says: May 5, 2009 at 11:46 am

I bought the Jawbone 2 last December 31, 2007. I had to take it back because it was doing the following things; the “button” you press for the volume was not working anymore; the same “button” which is used to make hand free calls was again.. not working; i would talking on the headset only to find out that my call was actually back on the phone and my headset was on the whole time so what was the use of having a headset? I got the Jawbone 2 because it got such good reviews and I do not mind paying more as long as I got the quality and the specs that I want. The store took my Jawbone 2 but offered me the Blueant Q1 since they did not have the Jawbone 2 (maybe they dont carry it anymore and i am not surprised) and boy was I in for a big surprise.. this thing is GREAT!!! this is what you call a HANDS FREE headset… It tok me a week to finally determine which ones of the Jawbone 2’s personalized rubber ear buds and ear hooks to use for a more comfortable fit.. the Blueant Q1 earbud is light and the ear hook comfortable.. i didnt even have to adjust anything… oh and yeah all i have to do is press 1 button and say what i want for the headset to do what i want it to do.. wow… I was able to get good use of that Jawbone 2 for 2 months… and I paid $125… I am so glad they replaced my sucky Jawbone 2 with this Blueant Q1… this is awesome!!!

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