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teach-me-timeWant to teach your kids one of the essentials in life? Then Teach Me Time device will fit the bill then, as your kids will then be able to know just when they need to scuttle off to the bedroom to get their shuteye so that mom and dad can have a little private time to themselves after a long day of work.

Forget all that big hand/little hand stuff; if you want to teach your kids how to tell the time, Teach Me Time is the answer. First off it’s an adorable color-changing nightlight. When junior goes to bed it emits a reassuring yellow glow, then when morning comes it turns green to show that it’s okay to wake up and annoy mum and dad. Simply set the desired time on the secret panel and, fingers crossed, snookums will soon learn that ambling into your room in the middle of the night is not in the least bit amusing, even if he/she is clutching teddy and looking unbearably cute.

Once the basics have been understood by Junior, the Teach Me Time becomes more versatile by turning into a 5-stage, talking ‘game’ that allows them to learn how to tell the time using both analogue and digital displays. When they’ve mastered that, this £39.95 enters into its third stage of life, being a fully functional alarm clock alongside the all-important snooze function.

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