Pure Digital unveils new Flip Ultra line


flip-ultraPure Digital Technologies is back with a bang, and in case they sound familiar, you would’ve known that they released the acclaimed Flip Video family of camcorders quite some time ago, and is here with the second generation of its Flip Ultra line. Amazingly enough, the Flip Video range of camcorders achieved the position of being America’s number-one selling camcorder since its debut in 2007, so it makes us wonder whether the new Flip Ultra line will be able to live up to that billing or not. Both the Flip Ultra and Flip UltraHD will come with up to two hours of recording time, a large high-resolution 2″ display and convenient battery recharging via the integrated USB arm.

Both the new Flip Ultra and UltraHD camcorders will aim to set a new standard for convenient and affordable video capture, and one of the outstanding points would be its transflective display that offers no-glare viewing even when under direct sunlight – something many other camcorders grapple with even until today. The Flip Ultra is attractively priced at just $149.99, while the Flip UltraHD will be going for $50 more at $199.99 – small price to pay for the addition of High Definition video recording on the go if you ask me. The Ultra line will ship equipped with pre-loaded FlipShare software that enables consumers to handle the entire process of organizing, editing and sharing videos seamlessly – just make sure the device is plugged in to your computer via USB and you’re good to go. It works great on both Mac and PC platforms.

Both the Flip Ultra and the Flip UltraHD camcorders will be powered by a couple of AA batteries, although the latter has 8GB of integrated flash memory – double that of the Flip Ultra, alongside HDMI output instead of regular SD Composite Video.

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