The Palm Foleo Lives?

by James


It’s one of the best rumors running around the net right now. Just a few years ago, Palm was on the verge of introducing a new category of computer with the Palm Foleo. It’s design was ready, the buzz was showing vast interest from the mobile obsessed, and then, at the eleventh hour, the entire project was shelved leaving many to wonder what the hell happened? And to make matters worse, net books came out and set the entire industry on fire just a few months later. Now, the rumor mill is abuzz with the possibility that the Palm Foleo lives.


This rumor may be ripe speculation since the Palm Pre is about to be released with a brand new OS that Palm’s executives have said may be just the beginning. And with former MAC designers shepherding the project and giving it the Pre a slick look to rival Cupertino’s iPhone, could it be Palm is indeed setting their sites on bringing the Foleo back from the grave? All the stars are aligned and if the Pre lives up to the hype and becomes the iPhone killer everyone is hyping it to be, who knows? There’s plenty of room for another netbook, and if it syncs seamlessly with the Pre, it may be just the companion/followup gadget Palm needs to firmly be back in the black.

Hat Tip – Harry McCracken’s Technologizer

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The Gadget Show Says: May 2, 2009 at 11:19 am

Honestly though, does anybody really believe that another company is going to top the iPhone.

Let me share something for you – I don’t think there will ever be another gadget as amazing as the Apple iPhone. It is by far the best electronic equipment on the planet. And the usability is beautiful. Even though they have a mac designer Im not sure they are going to top it.

But we can at least wait.

Dude Im so psyched about the imminent apple tablet computer though – I tell you, that is going to be the best gadget ever.

Rohen Says: January 6, 2010 at 5:38 pm

The iPhone won’t be topped by anyone except Apple. Apple is playing a game of Chess, carefuly planned moves leaving the opponents scratching their heads till it’s too late. I suspect the Apple Tablet will tether with and iPhone to provide wireless data anywhere and therefore be similar in that regard to the Folio, but that’s where the comparison ends. Apple will bake up products and ideas and improve them generation upon generation, never releasing anything until they know the market will buy it. For those times when you could use your iPhone but it’s a bit too small, the Tablet is Apple’s Netbook.

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