Nintendo DS Lite for Mom

spring_ds_bundle_610x455Have you ever bought a gift for someone that you live with, and you really “gave” it so you could use it? This might be the case for when a mother buys a child this new version of the DS Lite.

The child should be immediately suspicious as he or she notices that the DS is lime green in color. I can pretty much guarantee that any kid who is seen in public with a lime green DS Lite will be called some sort of name by the end of the day. I’m sure the kids will start with the easy to use “limey-fruit” and will eventually shorten it to “fruit” in a matter of days.

This version of the DS Lite, which really should be called “The Housewives edition”, comes with Personal Trainer: Cooking. Yeah, junior’s going to be completely addicted to that game!

Did I mention that this edition also comes with a matching carrying case? In all honesty, I don’t really use the carrying case, and I’m guessing most teenage boys probably don’t either.

So, if you are a young lad, and your mother gives you a Nintendo DS that looks like the one in the picture, don’t open it. Your mom will be all over it if you do. Instead, run from the house and exchange it wherever you can. It costs about $149, so you should be able to get yourself something decent for it, like a Nintendo DS of a proper color like white, black, or even red.