Moontent for the great outdoors


moontentIf you have a penchant for the great outdoors and love spending it with a loved one, might we suggest the Moontent? This is one handy piece of camping equipment worth owning, especially when you want to set camp in a no-frills and fast manner

The Moontent is the room with a view that pops up in seconds, no fiddling with tricky spindly things and strange flappy bits that have no apparent purpose. All you do is pop it out of its bag, flip it open, then peg down the corners – it’s a piece of cake (cunningly designed as a tent). It’ll keep you dry and cosy (as long as you’re not caught in a tropical storm), and in the blistering heat that is the English summer it’ll protect you too, as the tent’s material has UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 50!

Not only that, the Moontent comes in handy when you’re going to spend some time with your family without leaving the home – after all, give it to a kid and he’ll use his imagination to turn it into some sort of fort or space station. Sounds like £34.99 well spent, especially when it helps pry the kid from his Xbox 360 so that you can have a go at Street Fighter IV on it instead for a change.

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