Imation to ship M-Class and S-Class SSDs



Imation has just let out word that it will be shipping its widely anticipated M-Class and S-Class Solid State Drives (SSDs) on the American continent, offering power computer users the choice of lightning-fast performance packed into an energy efficient, affordable solution. Both of Imation’s M-Class and S-Class SSDs with Upgrade Kits will also be made available, providing users a with complete, easy way to upgrade your current computer setup that has a hard drive inside already, replacing it with the newly purchased SSD without having to purchase a whole new computer. This Upgrade Kit makes allowance for PC users to improving performance and extend the life of their computers without breaking the bank.

Both offerings from Imation are high-quality, second-generation SSDs that offer speedy boot times, allowing applications to load up much faster than what you’re normally accustomed to on a hard drive. Of course, this might result in a bottleneck on your processor’s part at the end assuming the SSD performs as intended, so we would say that having a decently powered machine is a good idea. The Imation Upgrade Kit is also something special, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of the latest SSD technology on their existing computers without having to migrate their data all over again to a new machine.

According to Subodh Kulkarni, vice president, Global Commercial Business, Imation, “We recognize that users have many choices when it comes to SSDs. Those who demand speed and performance in a high-quality, rugged solution can trust Imation SSD drives to enable the computer to keep pace with the latest applications and enhance the user experience. However, we are also very aware that today’s users want to extend the life of their computers, both for environmental and economic reasons. A computer that uses SSD consumes less power and gives off less heat, making it more environmentally-friendly. Therefore, Imation makes it easy to retrofit a traditional HDD system with an SSD drive for a fraction of the cost, extending the life of the system, but still enabling the user to consistently get better performance from their computer.”

You can get Imation’s M-Class and S-Class SSD drives in either 2.5″ or 3.5″ configurations, and these will be available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities. Prices start from $189.99 upwards for the M-Class while the S-Class is much more pricey with an entry point of $659.99. As for the Imation SSD Upgrade Kits, you can pick from either a 64GB or 128GB SSD drive that will start from $299.99 and $1,299.99, for the M-Class and S-Class, respectively.

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