Didicar keeps Junior occupied



Is Junior driving you up the wall that you have absolutely no idea on what can keep him in tow without you losing your cool? Enter the Didicar – it might sound extremely silly, but this wiggle-powered toy vehicle ought to keep your little one occupied for hours on end, giving you a little bit of “me” time that you deserve.

Kids only have to wiggle the steering wheel left and right to propel the Didicar forwards. And that’s just as well because most youngsters get bored of pedalling before you can say ‘But this cost mummy and daddy a fortune, you little…’. Ideal for use on flat surfaces, both indoors and outside, the Didicar is even capable of travelling backwards – simply flip the wheel 180° and get wiggling. Kids can even make it go faster by leaning slightly forward over the steering wheel and using their upper body when wiggling. We’ve had ours up to 6mph – and considering the average speed of traffic in most big cities, that’s pretty good going. If only they were road legal…

The Didicar could end up being the next scooter craze, although the £49.95 price point might put off parents who are running on an extremely tight budget at this point in time.

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