Spread Tweet: An Excel-ed Twitter

by Mark R

spreadtweeterI almost feel bad for reporting on this next product, as it is one of those that encourages a double-life. This is for all of those people out there who are addicted to Twitter, but have bosses who don’t approve of any personal use of computers on “company time”.

Yeah, as if any company can own time! On second thought, I highly endorse this product, because I know what it is like to work for “The Man”. The last time I was working for “The Man”, twitter hadn’t been invented yet, but I’m certain that he would have never let me do that.

However, if I had Spread Tweet, my Twitter life would appear on my monitor like an ordinary spreadsheet. As long as my boss didn’t look too closely, then he or she would be none the wiser.

I suppose the real question is “how long can this fool the boss”? What if you have to walk away from the computer, and you get back to find de Boss looking a little too closely at the Spread Tweet.

You might want to have an explanation prepared for when that happens. In fact, that might be a good disclaimer for the site. As far as I know, Spread Tweet is only available here.


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