Seagate Replica PC Backup

by Mark R

seagate_replica_2-thumb-550x407-16451The last time we covered an item from Seagate, it was the SV35.5 Series hard drive. In all honesty, I wasn’t certain that the Seagate Replica was not the same product. Well, the last thing we want is a duplicate posting, but the Replica is a backup for the PC, not a hard drive.

Here’s how it works: the user connects the Replica to the computer, and then the user tells Windows to run the setup software. The Replica will then back up his or her entire hard drive, and he or she can feel safe knowing that all your personal data is in a secure place. Yes, it really is just that simple.

If there is a hard disk failure, all you need to reconnect the Replica to your computer, and use the CD-ROM for a full reboot. Better be certain not to lose that particular disk.

You have to ask yourself if 250GB or 500GB is enough memory for a proper backup, as those are the two models of the Replica. The 250GB version is $129 and the 500GB is $179. These are both available May 4, so May the 4th be with you. Dang, I’ve been waiting years for an occasion to use that joke.


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