Makin’ your own pasta, the Japanese way

by James


Sure, you can get an attachment for that Kitchen Aide mixer which will allow you to make your own fettucine, but short of cannibalizing your kids Play Doh pumper number 9, you won’t get the chance to make elbow pasta or wheel pasta or those cute little bow ties. If you could do that, then making pasta would be something more interesting as there are literally hundreds of styles of pasta that can be made by pushing your semolina through a die cast mold. This Japanese model, called “Pasta Pasta” does just that.

Okay, the Pasta Pasta only makes just eight different kinds, and you have to hand crank it, but still, it can be fun. You just mix up and refrigerate some pasta dough, and when it’s firm enough, roll up some into a tube and place it into the canister. Rig that into the pumping mechanism, and start cranking. The dough gets forced through the die cast molds and then all one needs to do is cut off the shape when it makes the required thickness. Lather, rinse, repeat.

In addition to fettucine, the Pasta Pasta makes bowties, elbows, wagon wheels, twirls, raviolis, medallions and what looks to be a shell like pasta.

Cool “as seen on TV” video here.

All parts are made of ABS plastic and clean up is promised to be simple. Cost is about $155 US from Japan Trend Shop.

Hat Tip – Random Good Stuff

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