Epson back with new Ensemble HD Home Cinema System



Epson’s got a soft spot for home theater systems, and they have just come up with yet another option for those who are thinking about getting one for their respective homes. The Ensemble HD Home Cinema System is now available to the masses, featuring a selection of projectors for you to choose from in order to fit into most budgets. A couple of the projectors in question are the PowerLite Home Cinema 6100 and Home Cinema 6500 UB. We suppose that once you have the Epson Ensemble HD Home Cinema System installed in your pad, you will find very little excuse to go out once you’ve returned home from work. After all, you might as well take advantage of all the technology on offer before it gets obsolete, right?

In a nutshell, the Ensemble HD Home Cinema System is a fully-integrated, high-end home entertainment solution that works great for viewing movies, TV shows as well as playing video games. Part of it includes a 10″ motorized screen, integrated surround sound, AV controller with built-in DVD player, universal remote and all the components required to get you up and running the moment you bring it home. These have also been tastefully designed to make sure it won’t be an eyesore whenever somebody decides to drop by.

There are three models in total to choose from the Ensemble HD Home Cinema System in order to cater to varying consumer needs. Entry level families who want something that will keep everyone happy without digging into the kids’ college fund can always choose the $4,999 Ensemble HD Home Cinema 720p. As for more seasoned audiophiles who have a better idea of what they’re looking for, there is always the $6,499 Ensemble HD Home Cinema 6100 and $7,999 Ensemble HD Home Cinema 6500 UB. Of course, it does make us wonder why Epson never bothered to throw in a Blu-ray drive into the package since this is one of the staples of high definition entertainment.

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