Miniature Foosball Table

woodenfootballtable2-smallThis next product takes me back to junior high, during lunch time. My school had several foosball tables that were always occupied, and I always ended up playing goalie.

I remember back then I had this brilliant idea of creating a miniaturized version of a foosball table. My prototype used a shoebox, knitting needles, clamping clips, and a marble for the ball. It didn’t go over very well.

It appears that someone has perfected my dream with the Mini Desktop Wooden Soccer Table. As you can see, it is everything its name describes. Now you can have foosball in your home, without taking up too much space.

Of course, you’re going to lose something in the translation. I’m looking at the picture of this, and have noticed that the players are positioned at the front and back of this table. Everyone knows that when you play foosball, you are supposed to be standing on the sides.

Yes, it isn’t the world’s largest foosball table, and who knows if it is the smallest? However, if you want to get down on this mini-foosball action, the Desktop Mini Wooden Soccer Game is available now from our gadget-loving friends at Brando. You can get it at the official site for a price of $39.00.