Genius releases new G-Shot HD520 camcorder



Most people these days not only have a digital camera, they also own a digital video camera of sorts to make sure that still shots aren’t the only thing they can pass down to the next generation with video footage of their ancestors also being an important part of one’s history. Video archives have gotten more and more complex for the mass consumer market, and the advent of High Definition has brought about a slew of new players who want a slice of the growing pie. Genius is often on the periphery of computer accessories, but this time round they have dived deep into the world of digital video cameras by offering a new compact, pocket-size high-definition model that is not only capable of preserving your favorite memories at 11 megapixels, but is also capable of shooting and storing high-definition video at 5 megapixels in MPEG-4/H.264 format. Just in case you were wondering whether this is going to cramp your style, rest easy as the Genius G-Shot HD520 won’t weigh more than 6 ounces.

Genius has worked hard to turn the G-Shot HD520 into an everyday device which is easy-to-use, making this camcorder ideal for summer time outings, dads-n-grads occasions, moms on-the-go or anyone else who want to record life’s moments in brilliant color and clarity to help them remember when their memory fails them many years down the road. Playing nice with both Windows and Mac platforms, the G-Shot HD520 also comes with an ultra-bright 2.5” LTPS LCD display which can be rotated up to 270-degrees, virtually opening up new doors of freedom for you to shoot videos from a whole new variety of angles and positions. Perfect for folks who want to work on their technique in discovering weird and quirky angles.

Genius also knows how hard times are for the people, hence pricing the G-Shot HD520 at an affordable $149 – making this a very hard offer to refuse.

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