The Duel Action Electronic Lightsaber has hidden weaponry

by Ally


For those of you who haven’t grown out of your love of battling it out with your friends with toy lightsabers, you’ll like this new twist.  Of course you could buy one for you kid and then buy one for yourself, claiming that you only bought it for bonding purposes.  That is if you aren’t ready to come out of the closet about your child-like addictions.  We all know the real reason though, you just can’t get enough of those epic battles with plastic lightsabers.  This new lightsaber makes it so that you can get in an extra sneak attack.

Hidden within the hilt is a second, but smaller lightsaber.  So you could easily defeat your opponent if they are sporting the older less advanced models.  You can hold the extra lightsaber as a dagger type object, or you could attach it to the hilt of the larger lightsaber.  Then you can take out your opponent with a double-bladed weapon.  Sadly these cool new toys aren’t out just yet, you’ll have to patiently await the day that they are finally released.  They won’t be out until August of this year and will cost you $46.99.

Source: OhGizmo

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