Tape Dispenser is also 4-port USB Hub

by Ally


Although like many people I have tape tossed in the back of my desk drawer, some people use it more often.  For those that do, it may end up staying out on your desk quite often.  Then if you have to have a USB hub on top it, you’re slowly acquiring more and more clutter on your desktop.  If you like things nice and simple then an overwhelming amount of clutter can make it difficult to concentrate on work.  Especially if you have to keep shoving things out of your way with every task.

Instead of keeping two items out on your desk, you might as well combine them as one.  This tape dispenser not only holds your tape, but offers 4 USB ports.   Of course if you don’t use tape as often, this might be something silly to invest in.  With hubs though, you can be exceptionally picky about your needs and still eventually find something that fits you.  The dispenser is only sold in the clear shown here and will cost you $21.99 from USB Fever.

Source: Techchee

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