Cleanaer liquid ionizer air purifier


cleanaerMost of us would think that air purifiers are just that, but the Cleanaer is different as it ushers in a new standard in air purifier, introducing the liquid ionizer to the world.

Cleanaer’s innovative process is like having millions of tiny air purifiers throughout your room with Liquidions drifting on air currents to every corner of the room and locking out 99.9% of particles on contact – without using propellants or producing harmful ozone. Cleanaer works silently, day and night patrolling the breathable air to lock-out pollutants, giving you freedom to get on with your life without the demanding cleaning becoming a real chore.

Sounds like a dream to have in any home, especially for those living in urban centers where pollution is more of a problem compared to countrysides.

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