by Mark R

asus_tv_stickI have recently heard that 38 percent of people believe that a television set is no longer a necessary household appliance. I can see why, because most of my television watching is done from the Internet anyway.

It would appear that computer giant Asus is ready for a new era of television watching with the Asus Express TV Stick. All a user needs to do is plug the TV Stick into a spare USB port, and he or she will have access to its auto-installation software for high quality digital (DVBT) and analog TV signal reception.

Don’t know what to watch? No problem! Pop-up technology allows the user access to an instant display of television channels. It sounds like the TV Stick is also a TV guide.

In addition to these features, the TV stick has 4GB worth of memory. This allows the user to store the shows that he or she wants to watch for a later time. Then, if he or she wants to watch them from another place, only a USB port on another computer is required. Maybe the TV Stick should be called the TiVo stick.

Well, whatever the name, the Asus TV Stick certainly sounds like quite a deal! Now, if my sources only had a price and availability date for this product, both you and I would know just how good a deal it is.


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