The Ninja Cable Smart Wraps

by Ally


The more I work with gadgets, the more I despise the very existence of cords.  There are various items that I have used to take care of the cord madness that tends to be created below my desk.  However, I haven’t found something that I am really satisfied with for my earbuds.  Clearly I’m a picky person since I’m currently using bright blue duct tape underneath my desk to keep my mouse cord from hanging down.  Alright, so I’m picky when other people can see what I’m using to shorten cords.  This little ninja will not only shorten but declare to the world that ninjas clearly rock more than pirates.

The tiny ninja wraps up your cords for you and is still lightweight, so he won’t weigh down your headphones at all.  Even better is that he comes in a 2-pack, so you have two of these in case you like to switch between earbuds and headphones.  The Ninja Cable Smart Wrap is also very cheap, the 2-pack of these will only cost you $1.99.  Which also means that even if you tear it up or lose it, it won’t cost much to replace.

Source: Gadgetizer

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