Shrieking Ball Alarm Clock

digi_clockOnce again, we here at Coolest Gadgets have discovered another cool concept alarm clock, and this would be the time to state the usual conventions.

Number one: Talk about how difficult it is to get up in the morning as a lead-in.

Are you the type of person who has difficulty arising? Maybe you need a little bit of a shriek to scare the daylight into you.

Number two: Talk about the alarm clock’s unique feature.

The Shrieking Ball alarm clock will wake you up with a loud scream, and will not rest until you put it to rest. In other words, you pick up the shrieking ball when you wake up, and then must put it back into its cradle to shut it up. It’s like a crying baby, but easier.

The last two steps are after the jump.

Number three: The Funny anecdote.

I have two options for this one, so pick one:

1) So what happens when you wake up and you groggily drop the Shrieking ball before you can put it down properly. Hopefully it will not roll underneath your bed, as it could be hard to retrieve.

2) Hey, I got an idea: a Shrek-ing Ball alarm clock. This is an alarm clock that looks like Shrek’s head that will say lines from the terrible Shrek the Third sequel until you shut it up. Just don’t shut it up permanently, even though it deserves it.

Number four: The hope that someday this concept will become a reality

No word on when this Shrieking Ball Alarm Clock will be mass produced, but for some of us, it won’t be soon enough.

Thank you for joining us on Coolest Gadgets for another report on a concept alarm clock. Looking forward to reporting on another in the near future, I’m sure.