Kinesis Industries K3

inhabitatk3-ed01The last time we covered Kinesis, it was at CES. Back then, we were covering the unveiling of the K2, a charger for mobile devices that uses both solar power and wind power. The company has recently unveiled the K3, a “tribrid” charger. It would appear that three is indeed the magic number as a user can charge their mobile devices three ways.

The first method is with simple AC power, and the K3 is also capable of charging from a USB port or a standard car cigarette lighter. The second and third way of charging is by using the sun and the wind, and this can be done at the same time.

The battery has a built-in capacity of 4,000 mAh, and it is good for charging an average mobile phone five times. It is also capable of juicing up an iPod 10 times over. The time it takes to charge 30 minutes of talk time (or 300 minutes of time playing MP3 files) is about one hour.

The device weighs in at 10.5 ounces, and it is designed to be weatherproof. Chances are, it will probably used as an emergency charger, which we all need when the lights go out.

The Kinesis K3 will be available in June, for a price of about $99.95. According to my sources, the previous version is only $30.


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