Red2Blu program exchanges obsolete HD DVD for Blu-ray

by Mark R

red2bluThe other day, I mentioned something about how Blu-Ray doesn’t seem to be sweeping the globe as yet. Perhaps people are still addicted to DVD format, and won’t make the change anytime soon.

Of course, we all know that isn’t the same story for those who bought HD DVDs. Yeah, Blu-ray won the format war, but there is an option for those who still want the Blu-ray with Red2Blu.

Red2Blu is a simple program that only works with Warner Brothers HD DVDs. All the user needs to do is send an HD DVD copy of a film, and he or she will soon receive a Blu-ray copy of that same film in 4 to 5 weeks.

This service isn’t free, as it costs about $4.95 per disc, and it looks like the user has to pay for the shipping and handling. So are you getting a good deal out of this? Well, you will just have to do the math.

See why it’s called Red2Blu? The HD DVD copies were red, and the Blu-Ray is packaged in blue. Get it? Pretty clever, actually.

Now, if only other studios were offering this deal. It would appear that the big WB has the copyright on the name Red2Blu, but surely Universal and Paramount can set up a similar program and get in on the action?


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