Singing Gizmo Gremlins Plush


singing-mogwaiEver watch the Gremlins years back? Brings back memories of a cute little bugger that comes with specific care instructions, which were obviously disobeyed resulting in a whole lot of chaos in the neighborhood. Well, nice to see ThinkGeek offer the Singing Gizmo Gremlins Plush that won’t spawn nefarious copies of himself when fed after midnight or getting wet.

Now you can take your own cuddly plush Singing Gizmo home with you. He’s a little smaller than life-size and looking a bit mischievous. Shake him and he sings the soothing song of the Mogwai while slowly rocking back and forth. Please don’t get him wet, expose him to bright lights or feed him after midnight. We can’t be responsible for the consequences.

Looks (and sounds, literally) like the perfect gift for any 1980s movies fan without costing a whole bundle with him going for $22.99.

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