LG digital TVs can handle full DivX HD videos


lg-divxIt is interesting to see how TVs have evolved from just getting regular programming from transmitting stations to what they are today – fully fledged multimedia devices that are able to keep us entertained around the clock even if they were disconnected to our cable networks. After all, most new HDTVs these days do come with a USB port that enables us to plug in our favorite photos and videos in the form of a USB flash drive, while other people hook up their Blu-ray players via HDMI to enjoy full HD movies. LG is at the forefront of this scene yet again with their new range of digital TVs that are touted to be the first device series in the world which can play back full DivX HD 1080p videos. Currently, over 200 models of LG digital TVs have been DivX Certified, and these include the LH50, LH70, LH85, PS70 and PS80 series. Not only that, there will be a wider range of innovative LG TVs that will be DivX Certified for playback of full DivX HD.

According to Simon Kang, Chief Executive Officer and President of LG Home Entertainment TVs Company, “Being first to market with digital TVs capable of playing back DivX HD 1080p video is a big win for LG as well as our customers. As people expand their DivX HD video collections they are looking for more convenient ways to watch them on their TVs. We’ve given them the ultimate convenience by building support for DivX HD playback into our digital TVs. This is another feature we’ve integrated beautifully inside of our TVs and we look forward to working with DivX in the future to offer even more innovative solutions that effortlessly bring HD video into people’s living rooms.”

I wonder whether the torrent scene will be even more active with such TVs in circulation as more and more people might turn to the dark side and download illegal copies of ripped movies in this format. Only time will tell whether the world thinks that movies are overpriced…

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