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Bluetooth headsets aren’t exactly in vogue depending on which side of the camp you’re on. Some people who seem to be more busy on their phones compared to even stock brokers and remisiers during a bull run will definitely be for Bluetooth headsets, but others think that it is just a silly piece of device dangling off one side of the ear, making you look more like an assimilated human into the Borg collective instead. No matter which side you favor, take one look at the new Aliph Jawbone Prime Bluetooth headset and you’ll definitely be taken in by its range of colors as well as design. Of course, what’s good about a device if it isn’t able to perform as advertised? More on the Jawbone Prime in the extended post.

The Jawbone brand is noted for being among the top tier of Bluetooth headsets so far, as they were one of the pioneers of bone conduction technology although it did take a fair bit of practice to get the original Jawbone positioned correctly before delivering unparalleled performance compared to stock Bluetooth headsets. The Jawbone Prime takes off where the Jawbone and its sequel left off, featuring the latest in NoiseAssassin technology that offers superior noise elimination performance in an integrated digital approach to wind reduction, as well as doubling up as a fail-safe solution should the Voice Activity Sensor (VAS) not touch the user’s face.

According to Hosain Rahman, Aliph’s CEO and co-founder, “We watched our customers closely and saw how they struggled to be heard in extreme noise environments. So, we focused our engineering team to go deeper on the tough problems like crying babies, pounding jackhammers, beeping elevators and the like. As a result, we are excited to announce Jawbone PRIME, with orders of magnitude better noise suppression, so our customers can continue their conversations wherever they happen to be.” Each $129.99 purchase comes with its own trio of round Earbuds, three New Fit Earbuds and an optional earloop to connect to virtually any ear. Image courtesy of Engadget.

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