Wi-Fi Detecing Ball Point Pen

by Mark R

wifi_penNothing I like more than devices that can detect Wi-Fi networks. After all, when I am on the road with my laptop, there is nothing worse than being without a WiFi hotspot. Of course, I would prefer the idea of detecting an access point before I boot up my laptop rather than finding out afterwards.

I have seen all kinds of Wi-Fi detecting devices before. In all honesty, I’m not certain I want to add another mobile device to my collection of mobile devices. Yes, this is a device that you would carry around, as it works as an ordinary pen.

All you need to do is push a tiny button on the top of the thing, and 4 LEDs light up, which indicates the signal strength (1 for weakest and 4 for strongest) of the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot.

There is a limitation to this, as it only detects B/G networks. It also does not detect whether or not the network is up and running, nor if a code-key is required. It also requires 2 cell batteries, which are actually included. So, yeah, you could detect a network and think: “All right”! You may find that it won’t work when you actually try it.

If you definitely want this thing, then you should be able to get it at the USBFever site for about $13.99.


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