Steampunk Light Switch Plates to geek up your home

by Ally


I have the tendency to strongly dislike novelty switch plates.  They usually are ridiculously cheesy and don’t blend in with the room at all.  The only alteration in a switch plate I usually appreciate is when they are a slightly different shade so that they blend in with the room even better.  I honestly don’t even like the wooden ones, so the fact that I like these switch plates is a little surprising.  However, I can’t help but appreciate the geek appeal and that even in a non-geeky room it’d add almost an antique look.

Sadly, if you aren’t very crafty then you’ll be disappointed that these aren’t actually being sold somewhere.  I’d far prefer to pay a little bit and have one ready-made for me.  On the up side though, there are instructions on how to create one of these for yourself.  There are a variety of types for these all varying in how difficult they would be to make.  So if you like you can create a switch plate that is simple or dive in and go for something incredibly complex.  You can even incorporate a candle holder on the switch or a spot to hang your keys.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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