SmartFaucet Knows Your Face

by Mark R

ihouse-smart-faucetWhat is it with these common, everyday devices with “smart” at the beginning of them? Case in point, the SmartFaucet, which is a spigot that knows who you are.

The SmartFaucet has some sort of face-detection technology that can see who a user is, and then will automatically adjust to the water temperature and flow. I’m guessing that you will have to pre-program it, of course.

Not only can it do the whole face-detection thing, but the SmartFaucet comes with a touchscreen interface so the user can check his or her email, calendar, or view anything else online, I would imagine.

I have included a video of this product after the jump, but it is not in English. It shows just enough of the product, and even shows the cool light effect that comes out with the water.

So, are we looking at an age when every faucet will be a SmartFaucet? That would be pretty amazing, but my faucet is located at the end of my tub, and I don’t want to be constantly bending over to surf the web. I wonder if I could get Hulu on this thing, and watch my favorite TV program while in the tub. Clearly, there are a lot of unexplored possibilities here.

As for now, this SmartFaucet looks like a concept for now, but one that I would hope to see very soon.


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