Kenwood SP0001 Glass Speakers

by Ally


Speakers are typically made out of unattractive plastic.  It’s rarely anything special and they’re more meant to blend in than to stand out.   Of course that’s fine, because not every gadget you own needs to become a focal point. Although, these Japanese speakers aren’t meant to just stand aside in your home not to catch a second glance from any guests you might have.  Even if you get the version without LED lights, the clear glass would be eye catching enough all on its own.

There are two different types of these speakers, there’s the type without lighting and then if you pay a little extra you can get one with white and blue LED lights.  Of course no gadget would be complete without the option to make them glow.  Especially blue, for some reason it seems like every gadget connected to my computer (including the computer), is capable of shining in bright blue.  These SP0001 speakers only have 10W per speaker, so you might not be thrilled about the 100,000 Yen price tag that converts into about $1,000.  So far though these are only sold in Japan anyway.

Source: GeekyGadgets

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