SmartTrack Neo

by Mark R

smarttrackneo-sbThe following is a deleted scene from one of The Matrix movies, preferably the first:

Morpheus: Do you like the Gesture-based controls on the trackpad of a Mac Powerbook, Neo?

Neo: Yeah.

Morpheus: How would you feel if this control was available on any computer with a USB port?

Neo: Whoa.

Morpheus: Welcome to the age of the SmartTrack, Neo.

Okay, that was probably a long an unnecessary intro to the SmartTrack Neo, but I couldn’t think of a better way to introduce a product that has “Neo” in its name. The first Matrix movie is one of my favorite movies, ever. Hopefully you were paying attention and saw what this device can do.

I’m not a Mac Powerbook user myself, and if I were, I might use the gesture-based movements on the trackpad. As it is, I don’t use the trackpad much on my regular laptop.

If I did use this SmartTrack Neo, I could use gestures for scrolling, rotating, zooming in and out, and even an option for scrolling through songs in a digital music collection.

The SmartTrack Neo has only just been unvealed, so I don’t know a price or availability date. I do know that the dimensions of the track pad surface are at 77.2mm x 45mm.


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