Mobile Squeegee for a clean screen, every time


You know how many devices these days feature touchscreen capability? Well, with all that touching and feeling going around, it makes perfect sense for one’s fingers to be less than 100% clean, which means those touchscreen displays rack up a whole lot of dirt, grime and oil faster than you’d expect. Instead of cleaning it with a piece of tissue or even the edge of your pants (if you’re desperate enough), why not get the Mobile Squeegee?

Made from high quality micro fiber ultrasuede fabric and a 1/16” memory foam liner the Mobile Squeegee quickly and safely cleans your iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry or other mobile screens. When not in use simply store the Mobile Squeegee inside your cell phone skin or carrying case, you won’t even know it’s there.

At $5.95 a pop, it certainly sounds as if it wouldn’t hurt to bring a couple of these home. After all, even standard cell phones could make do with this as our faces are often oily enough to soil the display during a long conversation.

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