At Your Command mannequin lamp

by Ally


Mannequins are cool, because you get the fun of positioning them yourself.  Although unless you have a small one created for art purposes, most people don’t get to play with them a whole lot.  Typically they’re reserved for stores to display bits of clothing.  Of course you could buy a Barbie doll or something, but that makes you appear a bit juvenile.  So instead we all need a set of these cool lamps to hang out in our living rooms.  They’d make great conversation pieces.

All the limbs move about, so you can position them however you like.  Be it sitting, standing, laying down, it doesn’t really matter.  The top part, being the head, has a lampshade and light attached to it.  Making it entertaining but still functional enough that you can sort of justify it.  Sadly though this is still of course and concept and were it real it’d likely cost a small fortune to own one.  These were designed by Daniel Loves Objects.  You can of course contact him for more information through his website.

Source: BBGadgets

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