POWERplus Eagle Solar Charger & Torch


powereagleplusDon’t you just hate it that when your life revolves around gadgets and gizmos, one of the most irritating things would be to have that particular device die on you during the most inopportune moments? Well, why not do your part and charge your cell phone as well as portable media player before heading outdoors so that you can have maximum enjoyment of said devices before returning home, but what happens when the situation is less than ideal? There’s always the POWERplus Eagle Solar Charger & Torch.

POWERplus Eagle is a powerful LED torch and solar charger rolled into one cool package. Pack it in your pocket to enjoy the freedom of mobile light and energy wherever you go! This solar charger has triple solar wings for maximum power – just fold out each wing in daylight until the internal eco friendly battery is fully charged. Once charged, the Eagle solar power charger holds enough juice to recharge a gadget such as your mobile phone and you’ll find cables and adapters to cover most phone and gadgets. There’s even a built-in LED torch with three powerful LEDs to shine a light on any emergency; select 1 LED, 3LEDs or 3 LEDs flashing.

You can pick up this nifty and potentially handy gadget for just £29.95, making important phone calls getting cut off due to a dead battery in your phone a thing of the past.

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