Jog Game controller for the Wii


wii-jogHow many of us have made our New Year’s resolution to work off those fats sticking around our waist like a barnacle that seems to grow larger and larger by the month without any sign of abating, and yet feel disappointed as we prefer to relax on our couches without hitting the treadmill? Perhaps video games could be used to make exercise more fun, as with the Jog Game controller for the Wii.

Jog takes you one step further into the immersive world of Wii gaming by hooking your controllers up to a waist-mounted step counter. Every time you run a step, the sensors pick it up and your onscreen character moves in the direction you’ve pointed the Nunchuk joystick. It’s that simple – just plug in and play. Within seconds you’ll be pacing, pelting along and having an all-out sprint to evade black magic zombies, score against Manchester United or knock out the Green Goblin stone cold.

The Jog will work with hundreds of existing games, and you benefit more from both exercise as well as getting an immersive gaming experience right in the comfort of the living room without having to share it with other sweaty folks from the gym. Perfect to bring the family together for a healthy and fun workout-cum-gaming session. You can pick up the Jog Game Controller for just £24.95 and start gaming to a healthier you! Just lay off the pizzas and sodas during those breaks, aight?

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