Sega Mega Drive Twin Player Console


sega-twin-consoleVideo gamers have this thing about retro games, and more often than not, they don’t mind going back to the good old days once in a while and indulge in a little bit of nostalgia, where pixelated graphics ruled the day and the gameplay experience coupled with an overactive imagination proved to work better than just flashy graphics. For those who missed out on Sega’s heydays as a home console manufacturer, here’s the Sega Mega Drive Twin Player Console that allows you to go through a bunch of 16-bit classics.

Simply plug it into the telly and you’re away. It might be smaller than the original but the Sega Mega Drive Twin Player Console is preloaded with 15 Sega licensed games, including Sonic and Knuckles, Alex Kidd, Golden Axe and many more. Better still you can bung in all those old Mega Drive and Genesis cartridges that have been languishing in the loft. Indeed, this nifty region-muncher doesn’t care where your games originated.

You will be able to bring home the Sega Mega Drive Twin Player Console for just £39.95 – a small price to pay for those glorious moments of yore without having to contend with the taint of downloading illegal ROMs.

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maarij zeeshan Says: April 21, 2009 at 7:51 am

i now that i am a new one in signing this but i am happy to introduce myself!

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