Target Video Game Reservation Program

targetreservationcardIf you are a hard-core gamer, then you want to get your newest video games the day that they are released. The problem is, so does everyone else.

Imagine if you could reserve your game for the day of its release. In fact, let’s say you had a coupon, a golden ticket, if you will, and you can just walk up to the counter and claim what is rightfully yours. After you pay for it, of course.

Fortunately, this is what Target wants to do with its new video game reservation program. It costs a dollar for these coupons, but it is a small price to pay for knowing that your video game will actually be at the store when you get there.

Another bonus of these cards is that they give you a $5 gift card that is good for a future purchase. These five dollars can’t be used for the precious video game that you reserved, but hey, it will definitely be used for another.

Just think of it this way: you spend $1, and gain $4. Now if only every dollar that you invest in video games could multiply like that. Way to go when it comes to gaming, Target. Now, let’s see what Wal-Mart has to compete with that!


2 thoughts on “Target Video Game Reservation Program”

  1. Wow. The idea of reserving video games doesn’t surprise me so much as who’s doing it. good for Target~!

    How far in advance can you reserve these games?

  2. It already exists… its called pre-ordering and it can be done pretty much anywhere that sells games lol.

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