KDDI Gesture-based Authentication System

by Mark R

swng2087634-thumb-550x454-16460I believe that we have reported on KDDI products before, and this particular one is from the Research and Development department. In other words, it is still a concept, and have no idea when this will be released.

So what is this fine new thing in development? A “gesture-based authentication system” that allows the user to access their personal mobile account with nothing but a shake. That’s right, a shake. Apparently, a special sensor can analyze your muscle structure, motion patterns, the length of a user’s arm, and can somehow get an ID from it.

If this were ever mass-marketed, it would be the end of biometric scanners on cell phones, as well as the end of entering in a code of however many digits. I don’t really have any one of those on my phone, but I occasionally have to unlock it. I wouldn’t mind shaking it instead of hitting a few buttons.

The technology is far from perfect, as reports have stated that this method of authentication has a 4 percent failure rate. In all honesty, I believe that an error level that low is good enough, but apparently not good enough for the business world. I’m sure the standards are higher.

If it does get mass-marketed, I believe that the shakes could be used to access different features on the cell phone. For example, a quick shake up could switch to texting mode, maybe a shake to the left for a GPS. The possibilities are endless.


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