Sonic Boom Alarm Clocks

by Mark R

soniccompositeFor some odd reason, Sonic Alert, the makers of Sonic Boom alarm clocks series, have decided to target their new Sonic Boom alarm clock series to “dads and grads”. I suppose there is more than just a seasonal thing to this, because I believe that fathers and recent college/high school graduates have the most trouble getting up in the morning and need something extra loud.

For example, the Sonic Bomb (SBB400SS) is about as loud as a bomb at 113 decibels. It even has a display that looks like a timer on a movie bomb, complete with giant red numbers. Special color-coded wires not included.

The Sonic Shaker is designed for travelers, and comes with a pillow strap with clasp as well as a protective travel case. It also has a bed shaker, which is a standard feature for all alarm clocks. The bed shakers are these discs that can be put under any mattress, and they will vibrate like crazy when then alarm goes off.

Bed shakers are a standard feature for the two aforementioned alarm clocks, as well as the SBH400S model. The SBH400S, or Sonic Boom, is the sweetheart alarm that comes in hot pink in a heart shape, with a loud pulsating alarm.

You should be able to purchase these alarm clocks at the Sonic Alert Site. The Sonic Shaker is $29.95, the Sonic Bomb and Sonic Boom are $42.95 each.

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