Color-in Clothing

colouringdressdetail02_270x404I once bought one of those color-in posters for my kids. They were made of some cloth like materials, and came with a pack of magic markers. Much of the velvety material was black, and could not be colored, but anything white was fair game.

It would appear that Dutch fashion designer Berber Soepboer and graphic designer Michiel Schuurman have created a way to take this coloring cloth and make it into actual clothing. The wearer can color in his or her outfit for a unique look.

This is one of those great ideas that seems so obvious, and I wonder why I didn’t think of it first. Unfortunately, this is all the information that I have on this concept combination of fashion and art. I do know that an ordinary magic marker wouldn’t do the coloring effect, as the user will need a special marker of some type.

I think that Color-in Clothing is an excellent step in the right direction for do-it-yourself fashion. Someone really needs to perfect this, and make it so the designs can be washed off and re-colored.

Perhaps after they get that color and wash feature completed, color-in clothing will be released to the general public. Personally, I would love to see models walk down the runway with this.