The Yelpie Portable Safe

by Ally


When I think of a portable safe, I can’t help but think of something flimsy that could easily be broken.  Much like the ridiculous cheap ones that are created for kids to toy with.  I’m not entirely proven wrong on this safe, especially when you can clearly see in some of the photos that the walls of the safe are just thin plastic.  However, this safe finds a way to deter thieves despite that it could easily be smashed open.

The safe can hold all kinds of little things such as your wallet, phone, car keys and anything else that’s small.  Then to open it back up again you need a code.  Just whatever you do don’t move it without punching in the proper code first.  When the safe is moved it sets off an alarm, keeping thieves from taking it with them or smashing it into something to break it open.  The alarm is a full 90dB and thankfully the keypad is strong and weatherproof.  So despite that this safe is only £36.95 ($55) it’s not exactly cheaply made.

Source: TechFresh

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Rick Says: November 16, 2009 at 2:49 pm

well i bought this product from the portable safe was great and I love it. Perfect item for sports enthusiasts. nothing is 100% secure. but it’s 100 times safer to use this to store your belongings.

Rick Says: November 17, 2009 at 2:01 pm

I bought the yelpie portable safe here.
Forgot to tell you, the customer service is great !

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