Calima Washer dries delicate clothing

by Ally


Going to get your dry cleaning clothes cleaned is always a pain.  It costs extra, plus you have to remember to go and pick them up.  There is the option to use things like Dryel, but after a while those inserts can cost quite a bit too.  Although, the Dryel does at least prevent you from having to drive to get your clothes done.  If you tend to use the dry cleaners for some of your delicate clothing that doesn’t necessarily require dry cleaning, this washer could help you out.

One other issue in the laundry room is finding places to hang clothing that needs hang dried, especially if your laundry room is more of a hallway than a room.  Well with this takes care of both problems while still functioning as an actual washer.  Calima is a washing machine with a tray to safely dry your hang dry clothing.  The board is 60 x 60 cm, but can be extended an additional 32 cm for larger items.  The integrated fan pushes warm air up through the board’s small holes which will dry off your delicate clothing.  The washer itself also has various presets within such as Easy Ironing, Jeans, Delicate, Synthetic, Sportswear, Ecowash and several other options to choose from.  The washer will retail for €700 or about $923.

Source: Gizmodiva

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