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jvc-gd463d10Guess LCD TV sets are getting more and more advanced, as they currently work out the growing pains of being thinner and thinner to coming to a compromise between performance and packaging. What’s next for the world of LCD TVs, you ask? Victor Company of Japan thinks that they have the answer with their new 46″ GD-463D10 3D LCD TV that was specially designed to be used in a business environment, although we’re pretty sure that folks who are still feeling flush despite the current global economic crunch won’t mind having one of these in their living rooms as part of their showcase to provide new visitors the all important “wow” experience. More about the GD-463D10 3D LCD TV right after the jump.

You will find that the GD-463D10 3D LCD TV is able to support full High Definition movies and images, so that means hooking up your Blu-ray player or PS3 to it works just fine as you enjoy the latest Hollywood blockbusters in fine 1,920 x 1,080 resolution. Of course, that’s not all as the whole point of this LCD TV is to introduce 3D images and movies to the masses – thanks to the use of polarizing filters. The GD-463D10 3D LCD TV is able to reproduce 3D images that can be viewed simply by wearing a pair of dedicated circular polarization glasses. JVC engineers have also worked hard to reduce the overall thickness to 39mm at the thinnest part, while the thickest part stands at a relatively svelte 75mm, minus the stand, of course.

While the LCD TV has been targeted for use in production and promotion of 3D movies and various events, JVC hopes to expand its sales to other market demographics including scientific, medical and educational applications in addition to simulations. there is no word on pricing, but we do know that only 2,000 units will be produced this year as it hits the ground running in July 2009.

Source: Tech On!

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3D Television Says: July 2, 2010 at 4:28 pm

JVC has also said that they want to control a 25% market share of all 3D television… but I dont know if its true though its what I heard.

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