Unibody MacBooks now have Bookendz Docking Station available


For those of you enjoying the unibody MacBook or 15″ MacBook Pro that came out last year, Bookendz has finally released a docking station just for your Mac laptop.  The dock station would allow for you to have a permanent set up of USB devices on your desk.  Instead of unplugging 15 things when you need to take your laptop with you, just unplug the dock instead.  Then you can leave all of the other devices the way you like them plugged in.

Granted, if you needed to take with you one of those devices it could easily be disconnected from the dock.  Just plug your MacBook into the dock and it will allow for extra ports by replicating the ports and then routing them to the back of the docking station.  It gives a total of 5 USB ports, which gives you quite a bit more room to plug things in.  It also has a audio in, microphone in and headphone out.  It leaves the area open to plug in your usual MacBook cord and then has an AC/DC adapter that will power the USB hub itself.  The 13″ MacBook Docking Station will cost you $279.95, while the one for the MacBook Pro 15″ will cost $299.95.  At some point they will release a version for the 17″ MacBook, but as for these docks, you can pick them up in May.

Source: ChipChick