The Marvel Spiderman Webcam

by Ally


Webcams are a dime a dozen and if you can think up a theme, it likely already exists.  For the Spiderman fanatics, there is this cool webcam.  It’s an official Marvel product and gives plenty of geek references.  Specifically Peter putting his camera in a sticky webbed mess so that he can take pictures of himself in costume.  It even has a little film sticking out of the side of the camera showing some shots.

The webcam itself is nothing special, just a USB webcam.  It has a nice base and a 4-foot USB cable that will give you plenty of room to position the cam properly.  You won’t need any drivers for Mac OS or Windows.  It will also of course work with the usual things like iChat, MSN, Skype, AIM and any other place you might want to broadcast within.  Dream Cheeky has this one listed, but they aren’t telling how much this camera will set you back.

Source: OhGizmo

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