Garmin GolfLogix GPS-8 helps your game


golflogix-gps-8There is just something about sports that challenges yourself to be the best you can be at all times each time you participate, unless you’re in it for health purposes of course. What’s the whole point of a sport if you aren’t going to do your level best whenever you step up to the plate, so to speak? For folks who always look towards improving their golf scores on the greens, there are tons of training aids to choose from, and with a little help from the Garmin GolfLogix GPS-8 won’t hurt either. This device offers the latest in golf GPS technology, where it gives you the exact computer readout of the distance to the green for each shot you play – perfect for folks who always seem to come up short on their approach shots or hit too hard at all times.

It might seem uncanny to your friends and golfing buddies at first when they what improvements you’ve made to your game, knowing full well just how hard you need to hit to make that shot, overcoming all water hazards where you used to fail. That’s when you can pull out your trump card and introduce the GolfLogix GPS 8 by Garmin to them. They’ll be amazed at what it can do – you can first place it on a golf buggy or bag (or somewhere that makes it easy to look at), turn it on and let it do its magic. After all, it will be able to calculate the exact distance to any green, sand bunker and water hazard on the golf course so that you can make an educated choice when it comes to playing the right golf club with an added zing of confidence. No idea on how much this puppy costs, but if it helps you win your games from the moment you use it, it could help you win back your money after a few bets with previously sniggering golf mates.

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