Counting Money Jar


money-jarYou know how we accumulate plenty of loose change over the years, and without realizing the total amount could add up to a rather handsome figure? If so, it is about time you enlisted the help of a Counting Money Jar which comes with an intelligent top, keeping track of all the loose change you pass through its slot while displaying the grand total for your convenience. Whenever you remove the lid, the LCD display will mention “Withdraw”, where you key in the amount you want to take out in order to maintain the correct total. Powered by a couple of AAA batteries, this Counting Money Jar works only with the British currency system. The Counting Money Jar will require a £14.99 investment first though, so make sure you set that aside before you will be able to let a machine keep track of just how much loose change you have around the home when consolidated into a solitary place.

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