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Nerf N-Strike Switch Shot EX-3


Talk about a device which is able to intimidate and distract your opponents while all of you are involved in a serious multiplayer game. The Nerf N-Strike Switch Shot EX-3 not only holds your Wiimote in a mean manner, it also comes with 3 Nerf foam darts to get you started, although it will not include a Nerf N-Strike video game. As with anything that shoots stuff, make sure you don’t point this at anybody’s face, but aim for the body instead.

Once you’ve gathered all the darts back up it’s time to put the Nerf N-Strike Wii Blaster away – or is it? With just a flick of a button the Nerf Wii Blaster can be transformed into the ultimate Wii remote holder for the Wii’s many gun games. Just pull the trigger like you normally would to activate the Wii controller’s trigger button and shoot the hordes of zombies advancing towards you from your television screen, with your eyes closed, cowering behind the sofa.

You can pick up the Nerf N-Strike Wii Blaster for a mere $40 at or

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