Circulation Improving Seat Cushion


Most of us are office drones these days – a far cry from our forefathers where they had to settle for backbreaking work on the farm or at the factory. This time round, we are often seated for hours on end in the office before packing our stuff and heading off for a short lunch break before we return to the boring monotony at the office. Enter the Circulation Improving Seat Cushion that ought to ease your burden somewhat.

This alternate-pressure inflating seat cushion stimulates circulation and alleviates pressure points in your posterior and legs. Made by a company that supplies the same technology to the U.S. Air Force, the unit’s twelve integrated air bags inflate and deflate intermittently, stimulating blood circulation through areas of soft tissue that receive insufficient blood flow during prolonged sitting. The 12-minute, four-step sequence disperses weight evenly across your posterior, relieving point-of-contact pressure and helping to prevent blood vessel and capillary constriction that can lead to pressure sores. Ideal for long flights and road trips, those with sedentary jobs, or someone who is wheelchair bound, the cushion fits in nearly any chair. The cushion’s rechargeable battery lasts for 48 hours after a two-hour charge (AC adapter included).

No idea whether the boss/finance department would approve $299.95 to bring this to your office though considering the current economic climate.

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