The Troika Social Security Card

by Mark R

This one concept gadget is one of those that could change everything. The Troika Social Security Card is designed to protect not just your SSN, but your driver’s license, passport, or any other piece of important ID.

The idea is to put all of your vital identification on one digital device. This device would be the size of a credit card, but it wouldn’t work for just anyone. The Troika comes with a built-in thumbprint reader that will scan for the proper user. Wrong thumb equals no access.

Well, this is definitely one small step for the Age of the Digital Wallet if it could be put on the cellular phone. Assuming you could get the Troika into the market, the question remains: what happens when you lose it? Well, considering that everything is on some sort of digital file these days, maybe you could have the Troika insured, and then have the company send you another. Then all you would need to do is download your information from any PC or laptop.

Speaking of information, my source says that the Troika is made for IDs, but why stop there? With this technology, the user should be able to put an unlimited amount of credit or debit cards on it. Scanning them could be a problem with today’s checkout counter technology.

By the way, the Troika has a solid aluminum body, so you don’t have to worry about dropping it. You might have to worry about someone falsifying your fingerprint, as I’ve heard that it is somewhat easy to trick if you know how. We will see if this concept becomes a reality.


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