Survival Credit Card Tool

No idea whether kids these days spend as much time outdoors as they should, but then again you never know when you might want to pack up the entire family on a long weekend to head out for the woods to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, making the Survival Credit Card Tool a pretty essential item to bring along. Why do we say that?

First of all you can use the high pitched whistle to try and attract the attention of any passers by. It’s loud enough that if there are any hikers nearby they’ll hopefully come and investigate, or run away screaming. All is not lost if no help arrives on the first night, you can always try your hand at hunting or fishing. The knife can be used by hand (obviously) for skinning passing bison. Mock not, many an intrepid cagouled hiker has been caught short by a marauding herd of startled bison down our way. The knife can also be strapped to a stick using a bootlace, or perhaps a strap, and turned into a spear. This may not be much help with the bison, but you could be well on your way to whipping up a salmon mousse. There’s even a set of tweezers to remove the splinters you picked up looking for the right stick. If you do manage to catch something you’ll no doubt need to cook it, which is a great opportunity to use the Magnesium Alloy Firestarter on the side of the card. After your hearty meal of fish, bison or whatever plant you ended up eating when your hunting skills failed you, you’ll be happy to hear that the toothpick will get rid of any leftovers nestling between your molars. For those of us who are afraid of the dark there’s a red LED torch built in. We think it’s red so that you can read a map without spoiling your night vision. Of course if you’ve got a map then technically you shouldn’t be lost, but you tell that to half the people on the M25.

Imagine – half a dozen lifesaving gadgets all crammed into a card that is a wee bit thicker than a couple of credit cards, making it a snap to tote around. £21.99 is certainly a small price to pay if you’re looking for something lightweight and convenient during your next camping trip.